USA: Born 1965

Male: Black

Status: Married/children

Degree: BS, 1998


United States Army Veteran 2007 

Global High Threat Protection Specialist 2017


Called to service for the Kingdom of Heaven in 2016 via activation from attacking forces of the Kingdom of Darkness. Book of Mark chapter 16 verses 15-18 qualified. Baptized in Christ death & received the Holy Ghost and keep the commandments of God. Preaching/teaching see attached audio lesson on A World Deceived OCT 20, 2020. Cast out devils via in person, phone, social media. Take up serpents/engaging demonic forces, prayer, fasting and strong in the gift/fruit of the spirit of Faith. Baptized others, laid hands/prayer healing others. Website and zoom platform launched October 2020 and improving. URL:

In this time where by Satan is standing up his Beast System, Image of the Beast and Mark of the Beast; we as Soldiers in Christ must stand in the victory that Christ has already won for us via believing on him receiving the Holy Ghost; being baptized in his death and walking in his commandments. By doing those things we have the victory in Christ over Satan and his Mark. Therefore, we follow the Commandments of God and as a result, we cannot follow the directives of the Devil. In order to succeed in this process one must have the Holy Spirit of God & Christ in us, as Christ swallowed up death in victory. Isaiah 25:8