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A Soldier In Christ offers assistance with deliverance from Evil Spirits & demonic oppression & affliction in accordance with The Word of God. Additionally, Video & Audio recordings which include Preaching, Prophecy, Warning & Education are available. I offer private unrecorded meetings on zoom for those that request one. As a Commandment Keeper & Spiritual Warfare Soldier of Christ my primary mission is to Preach the Gospel as it is written and warn people of the impending Mark of The Beast & the Judgement of God by Fire which is at hand. The time to become born again and walk in the Commandments of God are now. Many of the missing bible books can be found on the audio books page. Scroll down and subscribe to the site if you want to receive information via email too. Fill out the contact form to request assistance, prayer and/or ask questions for yourself or on behalf of others. All services are free.

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The Word of God is power! Death is swallowed up in victory!

“I have overcome the world”Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ to the glory of our Father (GOD)!