Note: These missing or hidden books were removed so that one would not believe the Gospel and on Christ. Please Filter All Books via The KJV 1611, Prayer & Fasting!

The Forbidden & Suppressed Gospels & Epistles of the Original New Testament of Jesus the Christ complete (All those having the knowledge of this missing/hidden writings have a greater understanding of the Scriptures & the truth via greater knowledge, wisdom, understanding & revelation concerning Christ)

The Book of Enoch (The Fallen Angels Revealed)

The Book of Jasher (Details concerning the generations of man)

The Book of Jubilees (The revelation of Man from creation to judgement as revealed to Moses on the Mount)

The 2 Book of Baruch (Last days & time divided into 12 parts foretold)

The Book of 2 Esdras (Describes what happens after death process before Christ)

Christmas Lie Exposed (All Pagan holidays are The Worship of Satan)

Warning New Years Celebrations (All Pagan Holidays are The Worship of Satan)

A list of other recommended Audio Books for believers below are available on YouTube/Google:

Book of 3 Maccabees (concerning ways that the king may go about to get rid of the people of the book)

Book of 4 Maccabees (concerning the Priest; Mother & 7 sons murdered/tortured by the Greek King for not eating swine)

The 1st Book of Adam & Eve (the details of the creation of man & woman & their trials)

The 2nd Book of Adam & Eve

The Apocalypse of Zephaniah (what happens to unrepentant souls)

The Apocalypse of Elijah (what will happen to the good & the bad)

The Missing 70 Verses of Esdras

The Testament of The 12 Patriarchs (12 sons of Jacob reveals many great truths & wisdom)

The Vision of Paul (God’s creation testifies of Mans evils & seeks judgement)

The Geneva 1560 Bible (Precedes the KJV 1611 with the apocrypha books. This bible contains notes, maps, timelines, meaning of names etc that did not transfer into the KJV that contains critical information concerning many things such as the revelation of The Beast and The Mark, The two witnesses etc… extremely edifying information for a true believer in Christ.

The Prayer of Azariah

The Prayer of Manasses

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