A prayer to break evil spirit rights, contracts & covenants:

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What does it mean to be a TRUE Christian: To be a follower of Jesus Christ the son of God. 

1. Believe on him/declare him and call on him.

2. Be water baptised in his name (Jesus Christ).

3. To receive the Holy Spirit & be led by him.

4. Follow the doctrine of Christ by keeping his commandments

5. Mark 16:15+

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You are living in the last days……Matthew 24. Let no one deceive you.

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Start below: Pray this prayer 3 times. After you have done that email me that you have done so at:


Then I will take the next step on your behalf and advise for any additional steps after that…. welcome to the war!

Now pray this prayer….

Father in heaven, in Jesus name I don the full armor of God upon myself and my family now.

Father God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob I declare that you are the creator. 

I declare that you sent your son Jesus Christ to save me and I declare that he is my Lord & Saviour and that he shed his blood for me. I confess that I am a sinner and I repent for all SINs I have committed against you and I renounce those sins and I ask forgiveness in Jesus name. 

I ask for the holy spirit of God and Christ to come into me now and fill me up. I surrender my life to you now in Jesus name. I forgive everyone that has hurt me from birth to the present they are forgiven in Jesus name.

 I confess that my ancestors are sinners and declare their sin all the way back to Adam & Eve and repent and ask forgiveness in Jesus name.

 I forgive myself in Jesus name. 

I confess and renounce all generational and inheritance curses, ungodly soul ties in myself and my bloodline and repent and ask forgiveness in Jesus name. 

  • I confess the sins of: porn, pornagraphy, beastiality, harlotry, homosexuality, incest, lesbianism, masterbation, rape, sodomy, pedophilia, abortion, fornication, divorce, sexual imorality in all forms, stealing, killing, lies, doubt, fear, hatred, anger, rebellion, disobedience, lust, lustful thoughts, jealousy, envy, bitterness, arrogance, importance, unforgiveness, self, pride, unbelief, worshipping false Gods, false doctrine, false idols, witchcraft, divination and such like… the breaking of all your commandments, statutes and laws and ask forgiveness for me and my bloodlines in Jesus name.

I, in Jesus name plead the blood of Jesus against and renounce the following curses for the sins I just mentioned to include the curses of: the curse of eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the curse of the law of Moses, the curse of miriam, the curse of the pharisees, and all other curses mentions and unmentioned; known and unknown in Jesus name.

 I thank you for helping me in Jesus name and ask that you save me in Jesus name. 

And in Jesus name, I bind all strong and familiar spirits attacking me now. 

Father, I ask for you to help me now, please, against all evil spirits attacking me and my family and bloodlines in Jesus name. 

I plead the blood of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins in Jesus name.

I plead the blood of Jesus against Satan and his Kingdom and all spirits that are attacking me now and I rebuke all evil spirits that have lost legal standing and I command you in Jesus name to depart from me and my bloodlines by holy ghost fire now and do not transfer, in Jesus name.

Get thee hence from me now Satan in Jesus name!

I thank you Father in Jesus name for having mercy on me.

In Jesus name, I break and return every fiery dart, curse, spell, and act of witchcraft and divination and any other form of evil sent against me and my family back to the senders 100% penetrating all protective measure taken by the senders and I bind all that evil to the senders in Jesus name now.

In Jesus name, I cover myself and my family and all that I have in the blood of Jesus now.

In Jesus name, I surround myself and all that I have in protective Holy Ghost Fire from God now.

In Jesus’ name, Heavenly Father, I humbly ask for your blessing, healings, protections, grace, mercy & forgiveness to befall me and my family.

Thank you Heavenly Father for your grace, mercy & forgiveness, blessings, healings and protections in Jesus name!

Praise the Living God of all things; in Jesus name!


NOTE: You are not alone Christ Soldier. We are all dealing with all kinds of trash in these last days…..we suffer it….(As our LORD suffered us on the Cross, we too must suffer others) hold the line in Christ! 

Email me if you have anything else…

Soldier in Christ 

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