I have decerned this to be the truth. As I have Preached in my videos Sin in a Needle 1-8 (2021) and Mark of the Beast exposed 1-18 series….the days of Noah again DNA modification via genetically modified organisms injected into the temple of the Holy Spirit to defile us before our creator via FEAR lies deceit and deception….aganist the will of God & his Holy Spirit.

My understanding is that it is not the Mark but and Abomination unto you (SIN). The actual mark is ready for deployment in the new reset digital currency system which in order to participate you must receive the mark on your right hand or forehead or be cut off the system….many will take it because they be scared instead of just taking the devils punches and trusting God IAW his word as the false TRASH Harlot church has and is demonstrating today…..

I asked again via prayer and fasting about what can those that have taken it and regret it do….What I receieved was this…”I will have mercy, compassion, & forgiveness on whom I will have if they……REPENT!

The infomation in this link simply confirms what many of us have been saying from the beginning…..

Satan’s hand is in play via vaccines, viruses, wars, etc….to try us that be upon the earth in those days…God allows it…..in order to determine who are truly the children of God and walking steadfast in his Holy Spirit no matter what….

Seek the Father if you believe you have been defiled by this TRASH as he is the only one that can SAVE! Nothing or no one else can SAVE!

Even we have to die because of our faith…in that case dying is WINNING. Ask Christ Jesus!

Spread the word…

Peace & blessing be unto you all in Jesus name I pray! amen!


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